Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wonderful Wacky Wednesday

Welcome to a Wonderfully Wacky Wednesday
Today is is kind of over cast in Sunny Southern California.
It reminds me of normal weather in San Francisco : )
I like the word:
[Latin exsdre : ex-, ex- + sdre, to sweat; see sweid- in Indo-European roots.]
1. To discharge or emit (a liquid or gas, for example) gradually.
2. To exhibit in abundance
The definition I am thinking of is:

to seem to have (a quality or feeling) to a great degree:
Exude Confidence

I like people/persons that exude satisfaction, happiness and plain old joy : )
As I travel along this avenue called Bloglandia {Blogville} or whatever name you have given to this experience.
I visit blogs that are happy, sad, sparkly, bourgeoisie {I love the soun
d of this word},
intelligent, crafty, having love for their favorite animals, flowers, fleurs, free help for those challenged in creating their blog as they want the world to see {I am one of the
aforementioned persons : )}, baking, cooking, sewing, antiquing, garage sales online, tutorials {I particularly enjoy these blogs as they gladly share their expertize in a field}, Spiritual & Religious, and we all know the list thankfully goes on and on and on. The pink sites, the Robin egg blue, the colorful, the quiet, the normal, the eccentric, so it is like walking under the umbrella of a shiny new rainbow
and yes
there is a pot of gold at the end

we are so fortunate to have access to friends across the glo is so cool to think of the time difference; it is currently 11:42 am here on the West coast of the USA; 8:42 pm in France, 9:43 am in Hawai'i and already tomorrow: 4:43am Thursday (EST) - in Canberra, Australia. Isn't that amazing that we are in touch with one another and it is totally another continent in another time on another day!!! That is so the big deal to me : )
To me, the Pot 'of Gold are all of the friends we have made and are making on this journey.


  1. Good post. You are a pot of gold at my rainbow of friendship!! have a great thursday...m.

  2. You are a pot of gold to me too Carole!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my happy you enjoyed little Elsa!
    Carol Anne

  3. Carole, you said it so well! My gosh, a person could just be glued to their computer because there are so many different blog experiences out there as you described. All so interesting... it makes it fun, educational, challenging and more. And yes, the bonus (or pot of gold, as you described) is getting to discover friends, just like you. :-)